What is "ARCHIE"?

harper at csc.fi harper at csc.fi
Thu Apr 11 04:49:16 EST 1991

Jc> Rob Harper writes:
Jc>>Running ARCHIE I come up with the following hits for Phylip.
Jc>>You should be able to get the package from either of these ftp sites.
Jc> [CHOMP] 
Jc> Rob. Can you explain what "ARCHIE" is?
Jc> Many thanks!

I wrote an article BioBit19 which deals with ARCHIE. It should
have been posted to BIOSOFTWARE and BIONAUTS. You can get a copy
either by E-mail from NETSERV at EMBL or by FTP from NIC.FUNET.FI
in the directory /pub/sci/molbio/biobit

ARCHIE is a telnet server from your neck of the woods... it is situated
at McGill university. Since I see you have a brand new Internet address
then you could just do a "telnet quiche.cs.mcgill.ca" and as username
give "archie". From there on in it is just explore and enjoy.

Archie is a machine that scans "well known FTP sites" on a regular basis
and makes a copy of their directory structures together with their files.
So if you know the name of a programme you would like to get, then by
querying archie you will be told the location and IP address of any ftp 
sites that holds the programme that you are looking for.


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