Information on HP 720 RISC workstation

Dusan dusan at physik.uni-bielefeld.dbp.de
Wed Apr 3 06:47:04 EST 1991


although I can't tell anything concerning the HP 720 RISC station, I do
have some expirience with HP-UX. We are using an HP9000/360 running OS 6.5.

Almost any software written for the Unix environment needs to be rewritten, if
you want it to run under HP-UX. Take a look at the HP-UX include files - they
are heavilly modified. If you want easy implementations of molbio software
I recommend to stick closer to the SUN family... A great number of Unix
software for the molecular biologist is developed on SUN workstations.

Maybe the next HP-UX releases will be more compatible, but currently I do not
like HP-UX at all...


Dusan Zivadinovic
University of Bielefeld
Department of Genetics
4800 Bielefeld

email: Dusan at physik.uni-bielefeld.dbp.de

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