PROFILEgraph V1.2 available on EMBL-server

Thu Apr 18 08:10:28 EST 1991

I am happy to announce the availability of my program PROFILEgraph
on the netserver at EMBL.
PROFILEgraph is a public domain program, running on DOS-computers,
and aimed to be helpful in the analysis of protein sequences.
It works completely in graphics mode (most graphics adapters supported)
uses the mouse and pop-up menus and combines a lot of approaches to
protein sequence analysis.
Some major features are:
sliding window methods for hydrophobicity (several parameters)
                           secondary structure prediction
several methods of averaging (rectangular,triangular windows,
                              data-sieve, FT-smoothing)
hydrophobic (and other) moment calculations
helical-wheel analysis (not very elaborate)
hardcopy output to many printers, graphics output in TPGL-metafile
numerical output to several spreadsheet formats
and some more utilities.
The program can be easily extended by the user, it is possible to
save and execute "macro"-type analysis procedures.

The program is available as a DOS-executable and as complete
Turbo Pascal >5.0 source code.
Hardware requirements:
DOS-computer, AT recommended
hercules,EGA,VGA or higher graphics adapter
Mouse strongly recommended (only reduced features without mouse)

PROFILEgraph is available from NETSERV at embl-heidelberg.de
                            or NETSERV at EMBL.bitnet
it is located in the directory DOS_SOFTWARE

I hope you enjoy it.
                     Kay Hofmann
                     Institut fuer Biochemie (med.Fak.)
                     Universitaet Koeln
                     Joseph Stelzmann Str. 52
                     D-5000 Koeln 41

I can be reached on INTERNET by writing to BUDI at gen1.genetik.uni-koeln.DE

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