GCG Postscript output

Donald A. Lehn donnel at helix.nih.gov
Tue Apr 2 13:57:51 EST 1991

	For those people who would like to get Postscript output from
the GCG programs that can be sent to virtually any postscript printer.

	The first thing that you must do is set up the GCG environment for
graphical Postscript output.  This is done by typing "Postscript" at the 
GCG $ prompt.  For example:


	You will then be prompted to select the type of Postscript printer
is attached.  Press <return> and accept the default choice of the Laserwriter.
You will then be asked what port your Laserwriter is connected to.  Accept the
default answer <TERM>.

	The GCG environment is now setup for postscript printing.  You have
to do this each time you log on so you may wish to put these commands in the

	To get Postscript file output you need to use the command line
argument:  /PLOT="filename.eps"

For example:

mapplot /plot="filemane.eps"

will save the mapplot output in a Postscript file called filename.eps.

	To print this file on a Postscript printer,  download the file to
your pc and print it by using the command:

copy filename.eps prn

(If your printer is on a com port, you would have to copy it to that
particular port.)

	Note: Using "print filename.eps" may not work, since in some cases
the first thing that this sends to the printer is a reset instruction that
may cause some Postscript cartridges to have a fit and switch to standard
printing mode.  You will then be presented with pages and pages of printed
Postscript instructions.  

	It is very important that the filename.eps file not be corrupted.
When you download it make sure that it is not corrupted.  Use kermit,
xmodem, zmodem etc. or else use FTP to transfer it.

Make sure that the first few lines of the Postscript file look something

%%Title: Graphics From Program MapPlot 
%%For: donnel 
%%CreationDate: March 21, 1991  10:33 
%%Creator: The Genetics Computer Group 
%%DocumentFonts: Courier 
%%Pages (atend) 
%%BoundingBox 0 0 612 792 

If you follow these instructions, Postscript printing should be a snap.

Best regards,
Donald A. Lehn
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Bethesda, MD 20892
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