anyone want specific software made?

jay dubb jdubb at bucsf.bu.edu
Tue Apr 16 20:15:27 EST 1991

   I am posting this for a friend of mine who doesn't have access
to USENET, so please respond directly to mlevin at jade.tufts.edu.

   I am a double biology/computer-science major, and was wondering
if anyone in the biological community wants to see any software made.
I have noticed that biologists seem to make much less use of computers
than do people in other sciences. I think it is a shame.  So, does
anyone working in the biological sciences need a particular piece of
software? Anything from genetics data handlers, to population and
behavior models is game. I mainly just want to get an idea of what
kind of "dream software" biologists would like to have (and don't yet
have), but if anyone has a really good (and fun - I am mostly into
developmental biology (cell interaction models, etc.), ethology,
neural nets, etc.) idea there's a chance it will get written - I know
lots of other people who would love to write software for biologists
(especially if it is wanted enough so that someone somewhere would pay
for it). So, let's hear it - what would you like to see created?
Anything - models, database managers, data presentation and
acquisition tools, visual recognition of cell types, whatever.

			Mike Levin (mlevin at jade.tufts.edu)

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