Looking for AI/RHEUM

Gordon E. Banks geb at dsl.pitt.edu
Mon Apr 8 09:59:27 EST 1991

In article <4185 at stl.stc.co.uk> "Clive Carter" <crc at stl.stc.co.uk> writes:
>[I am posting this message on behalf of a friend in the Health
> Service, who doesn't have access to the Net.  I will pass on all
> replies.]
>Looking for information on AI/RHEUM, a knowledge-based program for
>the diagnosis of rheumatic diseases.  
>I would appreciate any pointers to location and availability of this
>software and/or the author(s).  Also any comments on experience with
>using the system would be welcome.
>Many thanks in anticipation.

AI/RHEUM was written many years ago by Don Lindberg and colleagues
at Missouri.  Don is now head of the National Library of Medicine,
Bethesda, Maryland.  If you write to him there, I'm sure he can give
you any pointers you need.

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