VMS 'Norton Utility'

Thu Apr 4 17:56:47 EST 1991

> Hi to all BIONETers! I know this section is labelled "PC-SOFTWARE", but
> I didn't think anyone would mind this posting. Are any of you aware of
> a VAX/VMS equivalent of the Norton Utility's "file find" IBM-PC program?
> I just hate digging through my whole directory tree to find one misplaced
> file (although utilities like 'SWING', which is a VAX almost-equivalent
> of XTREE, do help)!  Maybe there's even a standard VMS utility that can
> do it, but I sure can't find one. Thanks to everyone, even if all you did
> was read this!
>                 John Alsobrook  ALSOBROOK at YALEMED.BITNET

  Actually, i've recently written a 'file-find' in VMS DCL, though i'm
calling it WHEREIS.COM.  We're sort of trying it out here at the moment,
& if it seems ok (& there's interest) i'll try sending it off to
the Embl Netserv (if so i'll repost directions on how to get it).
  If you absolutely can't wait-a-week [ 8-) ], let me know.
tom easton

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