getting to know your computer

clemens suter-crazzolara suter2 at urz.unibas.ch
Tue Apr 2 12:20:45 EST 1991

dear paul and steve,

you have been giving away some thoughts wether biologists should
get to know their computer. the main question that
occurs to me is: if i have a protein, and i need to get the sequence, 
i tend to leave the sequencing to a specialist, rather then to get
involved in the chemistry myself. this is true for a lot of different
methods related to biology (overexpression, even production, cell-
culture, somitimes even actual cloning). we tend to give a lot
of jobs away. now, if i had to go to courses on all these subjects,
including computing, and had to get involved in each region of 
interest, there wouldn`t be much time left for experiments.

what i want to bring across is the general idea that we shouldn`t
expect everybody to get to deeply involved in computing (as we
also shouldn`t when it comes to protein sequencing). if you like
working with a computer, fine, but if your not a wizard, there should be
nothing against that either.

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