SURVEY: Usage of the nightly UPDATE sequence newsfeed.

smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
Fri Apr 5 11:33:08 EST 1991


For nearly a year now GenBank has been sending out updates to the sequence
database via USENET into the "bionet.molbiol.genbank.updates" newsgroup. 
These sequence postings can be used to automatically maintain a local copy of
GenBank which is no more than 1-4 days behind GenBank itself, depending on
the speed of the USENET link.  The USENET was selected for this type of 
distribution because data distribution is very efficient, much better than 
individual FTP downloads to multiple sites.

GenBank has asked us to conduct a survey to find out the extent of the use of
this data feed, and specifically how many sites are using the automatic
GenBank update programs written at PHRI and NYUMC (for UNIX and VMS,
respecitvely), derivatives of this code, code written for other platforms or
independant of us. 

To facilitate the survey we would appreciate responses from the "GenBank
Manager" at each site that uses the USENET nightly update feed in some
fashion.  A "site" is any institution or lab that maintains its own GenBank.
We want to be able to count all the sites that are users of the data feed and
the software, but my mailer will probably not deal with waves of negative
responses. **So if you do not use it at all, please do not respond**

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Do you use the USENET nightly GenBank update data feed at all?

          Yes, the sequences are read by each individual: ___
        Yes, the sequences are processed by our computer: ___

Do you use the USENET feed to maintain a local up-to-date GenBank?

                Yes, the local GenBank is updated automatically: ____
                      Yes, the local GenBank is updated by hand: ____
 No, the local GenBank is updated from a quarterly distribution: ___

If you update automatically, what software do you use?

                            UNIX software from PHRI: ___
                        VAX/VMS software from NYUMC: ___
                              Wrote our own for our: ________________ system.
                                 Purchased s/w from: ________________ vendor.

Do you use the check-sequence mailings each week to verify that you got
the week's postings?

                               Yes: I check by hand: ___
          Yes, I use the VAX/VMS program from NYUMC: ___
                         Yes, I wrote my own for my: ________________ system.
                            Yes, Purchased s/w from: ________________ vendor.
                   NO, the data feed is not checked: ___

Do you have or want automatic sequence 'alerting' s/w that will inform 
researchers of sequences newly arrived which would be of interest to them?

                               Yes, I have s/w from: ________________________
                   Yes, I currently do this by hand: ___
                      Yes, I am developing such s/w: ___
                   Yes, our site would use such s/w: ___
                   NO, there is no need at our site: ___


If you check one or other of the following statements, please provide a brief 
comment to flesh out the idea.

1) The USENET newsfeed is of no value:

2) The USENET newsfeed is just fine:

3) The USENET newsfeed should be enhanced to include more data (e.g. the 
   emerging EMBL sequences as they arrive, protein sequences, etc.)

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