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In article <9009041523.AA25084 at genbank.bio.net>, AMOSS%WFEB2 at PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU writes:

>I will check some shareware/freeware listings I have.  Seems I have seen
>something like the conversion program you request.  Do you also know that
>for cold hard cash you can get a card that will clip into the LaserJet so
>that it can read Postscript I'm not sure what its exact name is, ask
>your dealer.  About $2000 US, I think.

If I understood the original inquiry correctly, the person has some program
that generates code for an HP Laserjet II, but wants to print on a different
machine (pref. a PostScript printer or any device that understands HPGL).
The above solution works, but for the opposite problem.

I have no solution for HP Laserjet II to PostScript, other than to suggest
the poster contact the suppliers of whatever software produced the output
he/she wants to change, and ask *them* for a PostScript or HPGL driver.
Or use a different package.  Or tell the suppliers of the package that
their product will be dropped if it doesn't produce PostScript output

Good luck!

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