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In article <9009240037.AA12429 at calshp.cals.wisc.edu> triplett at CALSHP.CALS.WISC.EDU writes:
>Hello Bionet friends.  I am new to BioNet and to DNA sequencing.
>I need to analyze a 5 kb sequence of bacterial (Rhizobium) DNA for
>ORFs, start and stop codons, operons, etc.  Are there any DNA sequence
>analysis programs in the public domain that I can use?  GCG programs are
>not very user friendly and they are expensive to use.  DNA* programs
>are also expensive.  I also don't know how good they are.  Any 
>suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
>			Eric Triplett
>			Dept. of Agronomy
>			Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
>			email: triplett at wiscmac3
>			telephone: 608-262-9824

Try the Fristensky Sequence Analysis Package.  These programs are not as
fancy, in terms of having graphic user interfaces, as some of the
commercial packages, but rather employ system-independent menus which are
pretty self-explanatory. In general, but they do most of what you need to do
for DNA sequencing.

For MS-DOS users, send five 5.25in diskettes to:
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