MacMimic: Molecular Display

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Thu Sep 20 12:43:32 EST 1990

> I saw this posted in a macintosh net-digest and thought it might
> be of interest to the bionet-readers.
> -------------------{begin article}---------------------
> MacMimic is an interactive application for the display, construction,
> .
> .
> .
> I have no connection with the manufacturer, nor have I seen the
> software. It just looks potentially interesting. Hope this helps
> somebody.
> -------
> Josh Hayes, Zoology Dept, Miami University, Oxford OH 45056 USA

Bravo!!  I have received some mail in private disagreeing with my
stance on the original posting about MacMimic from Sweden (although I
have also received an equal amount of mail in support).  I wish to
make two points "perfectly clear!"

1) Dr. Hayes above handled the situation exactly by the book and I
wish to commend him for the good example that he has set for other
users of the bionet newsgroups.

2) I did NOT post my previous response based on my own personal
opinion of how the networks should be used.

		 ***I do not make the regulations.***

The regulations are made by the authorities who run NSFnet, BITNET,
and other public-funded research networks.  The regulations clearly
state that commercial advertising is unacceptable on the network.
There is no gray area here.  If a person has a financial interest in a
commercial product they are not supposed to ask the public to pay
their advertising costs.  On the other hand, it is perfectly
legitimate for ***others***, i.e., people who have no financial links
to a product, to discuss it on the network.  Thus it is perfectly
legit on bionet.software for people to discuss DNA*, GCG, IBI,
Beckman, Hitachi, IG, and any other software that comes to mind as
long as they attach an appropriate disclaimer such as in the example

It is not my intention to inhibit the flow of useful information to
the scientific community, but it is my responsibility, and also that of
other network users, to ensure that our network connection is used in
accordance with the regulations set forth by the network regulatory

				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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