Zoo source code wanted

Dan Davison davison at MENUDO.UH.EDU
Thu Sep 20 15:30:06 EST 1990

> I received program ZOO from the EMBL server, but it does not work on our
> VAX (VMS 5.1). It seems that we have to re-compile it, but unfortunately
> we do not have the  source code. We need this program urgently to de-archive
> all the  others, so any help on getting the source code of ZOO (VMS version)
> will be very much appreciated.
> Daping Tan
> Health and Welfare Canada

Not needed.  The ZOO from the EMBL File Server and UH Gene-Server work
fine under VMS 5.X.   It is a direct port from the Unix program; you
do not know how to set up "foreign" commands in DCL, you are not going
to be able to run the program.  I just pulled the copy off the UH
server, uudecoded it, and typed "run zoo" and got:

<DBD.SERVER> run zoo
Usage: zoo {acDelLPTuUvx}[acdEfInMNoOpPquz1:/.] archive file ("zoo h"
for help)

Novice usage:  zoo -cmd archive[.zoo] file...  where -cmd is one of these:
-add -extract -move -test -print -delete -list -update -freshen -comment

So all appears to be well.  Set it up as a foreign command, though, to
unZOO other files.


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