ACNUC files specifications

PERRIERE at cism.univ-lyon1.fr PERRIERE at cism.univ-lyon1.fr
Fri Sep 7 06:43:00 EST 1990

  In article <9009061403.AA03919 at genbank.bio.net> I wrote :

>  We wrote a database structure and retrieval software for use with either the
>GenBank or EMBL nucleic acid sequence data collections : ACNUC. The nucleotide
>and textual data furnished by both collections are each restructured in a
>database that allows sequence retrieval on a multi-criterion basis (...)

  In reply to some questions put under the network :

  I have specified that the data furnished by both collections are re-
structured ie our query program doesn't work directly on GenBank or EMBL files.
Indeed, those files have to be transformed in our specific format before use.
Also, there is an option in the program to EXTRACT sequences in GCG format,
after database installation.

  As the single retrieval program is useless I have proposed a complete package
with an E. coli subset of GenBank 64 restructured in ACNUC format.

  Please, excuse me if I was unclear in my first mail.

 Guy Perriere                                e-mail : perriere at frcism51.bitnet
 Laboratoire de Biometrie (Bat. 741)
 Universite Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
 69100 Villeurbanne (France)

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