Biocomputing tutorial (was Analysis of promotor sequences)

harper at csc.fi harper at csc.fi
Wed Sep 26 04:47:43 EST 1990

In article <7131.26ff466d at uwovax.uwo.ca>, 37_1510 at uwovax.uwo.ca writes:
> I want advice on what program(s) from the CGC package I should use to 
> analyze a sequence for bacterial promoter signals. I will summarize 
> the responses in a later message. Thank you very much.
> M. A. Valvano, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, 
> University of Western Ontario.

Dear readers,

   As things exist on the network, often the left hand does not know
   what  the right hand is doing. I expect that many people on the  
   BIOSCI newsgroups are not aware of the INFO-GCG list run by the 
   University of Toronto. 

   Well to cut a long story short there has been alot of  discussion
   about the "BIOCOMPUTING TUTORIAL" by Reinhard Doelz.  Reinhard put
   up a "preview" copy for FTP on his machine and the  response from
   the GCG community has been enthusiastic. So we  will be printing it
   at the Centre for Scientific computing  (CSC) here in Finland. The
   book should be ready in November.

   I have set up a drop-off mailbox called TUTORIAL at COM.CSC.FI so 
   that if anybody wants more information about this book they can 
   drop me a line at that network address. I will then take all  the
   ID at NODES of the interested people and make up a seperate 
   distribution list, and before the end of the month all those  who
   requested a hard copy will receive all the details  regarding

   Rob "ask not what the Net can do for you but rather..." Harper

   P.S. If you want your name added to the distribution list then  you
   should send your request to TUTORIAL at COM.CSC.FI

   don't delay... do it today

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