anyone gotten "CGR" hypercard stack to work?

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Tue Sep 25 18:15:17 EST 1990

I recently got the CGR stack from EMBL and put it on the UH server, and
now have a use for it; but when I run it, with any GenBank file it gives
an error message (sorry, I'm not near a Mac so I can't give the exact
wording): "found Count when expecting Integer" and it pops into the code.
Since I can barely stand Macs, I haven't ever looked into hypercard

So, my question is simple: has CGR worked for anyone after downloading
from the UH or EMBL servers?  If I get one or more "yes" replies I will
assume I'm doing something wrong and keep trying; otherwise I'll drop it
and use something else for my course.

Thanks very much in advance,

davison at uh.edu

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