'Face' representations of nucleic acid sequences

V Bauchau/Dept Biologie, Louvain-la-Neuve VINCENT%BUCLLN11 at PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU
Thu Sep 6 02:42:29 EST 1990

Some very interesting graphical techniques, including 'human faces',
are described in Pickover's book. Here follows a recent posting from this
author, giving some details about the publisher in UK:

> Date:         Wed, 5 Sep 90 14:33:27 EDT
> Sender:       'FRACTAL' discussion list <FRAC-L at GITVM1.BITNET>
> From:         CLIFF at YKTVMZ.BITNET
> A few of you asked for the name of the British publisher -- for the book
> "Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty", since the US publisher does not
> distribute the book in England.  The following is the info:  Alan Sutton
> Publishing, Phoenixmill/Far Throupp/Stroud Glouchestershire GL5 2BU UK
> Attn:  Peter Clifford, Tel.  (01144) 453-731114 (UK ISBN:
> 0-86299-792-5).

(The US publisher is St Martin Press, NY).      -Vincent Bauchau

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