ACNUC available for ftp

Jos van Wezel wezel at bio.vu.nl
Sun Sep 30 09:12:19 EST 1990

The ACNUC package containing the source code of a retrieval program query,
and a subset of GenBank release 64 containing all E. coli sequences written by:
 Guy Perriere 
 Laboratoire de Biometrie (Bat. 741)
 Universite Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
 69100 Villeurbanne 
 email: perriere at frcism51.bitnet
is now available for anonymous ftp on balaena.bio.vu.nl in directory pub/acnuc

The package is in compressed format. Therefore make sure to set transfers to 
type image ('binary').

This package is adapted to UNIX systems with FORTRAN compilers. It works
without modifications on SUN workstations under SunOS from 4.0 to 4.1. With
other computers some modifications could be necessary, in this case read the
file instal.doc before typing mkbase and follow the enclosed instructions.

Jos van Wezel
Biological Laboratory,
Vrije Universiteit
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
email: wezel at bio.vu.nl 

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