algorithm to infer inversions

Sun Sep 16 22:12:00 EST 1990

G'day there,

I see from your address line that you're writing from the vicinity of Monash
University, in good old Aus!

LA>From: lloyd allison <lloyd at BRUCE.CS.MONASH.OZ.AU>
LA>Subject: algorithm to infer inversions

With respect to the reference to the paper on chromosomal inversions:

LA>can anyone mail me a reference to a paper by
LA>Watterson, Ewens, Hall & Morgan  1982
LA>on an algorithm to infer inversions in chomosomes.
LA>I am missing the journal, volume and page numbers.

I did my Ph.D. in the Department of Genetics at Monash University, and the
"Morgan" in the reference is Dr. Tony Morgan who is on the staff there.  Give
him a yell and he'll give you a reprint.  If you do, say "Hi from John and
Trax".  I believe they're still working on chromosomal inversions there.  Also,
the "Ewens" (and maybe the other authors) are from the Dept of Mathematics at
Monash University.

Hope this helps,


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