Zoo source code wanted... perhaps :-)

harper at csc.fi harper at csc.fi
Fri Sep 21 03:54:42 EST 1990

In article <3009A2B47FBF00160E at NRCNET.NRC.CA>, JRR at NRCCAD.NRC.CA writes:
> I received program ZOO from the EMBL server, but it does not work on our
> VAX (VMS 5.1). It seems that we have to re-compile it, but unfortunately
> we do not have the  source code. We need this program urgently to de-archive
> all the  others, so any help on getting the source code of ZOO (VMS version)
> will be very much appreciated.
> Daping Tan
> Health and Welfare Canada

Quite recently I have been using ZOO from EMBL to unarchive all the stuff
from the VAX_SOFTWARE directory. I has given me no troubles. Perhaps you 
have not defined a foreign command for it.

For example in my LOGIN.COM I have the following line.

$ z :== $"userdisk6:<harper>zoo.exe"

What this does is this. Every time you open a session on the VAX
your LOGIN.COM is executed... it is something like an AUTOEXEC.BAT
under MSDOS, and that one line then prepares the machine by telling it
that the ZOO.EXE programme can be found on USERDISK6: and in directory
HARPER and that I can call it into action simply by typing Z at the
vax $ prompt.

I expect that if you edit your login.com and put in an appropriate line
which reflects were you keep ZOO.EXE then it should begin to work for you.

Rob "at your service" Harper.

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