Reference Handling

MI041 at macaulay-land-use.scot-agric-res-inst.ac.uk MI041 at macaulay-land-use.scot-agric-res-inst.ac.uk
Wed Sep 26 08:18:00 EST 1990

Excuse me if this subject has been discussed before but I have only
recently subscribed to Bio-software. I looking for a reference handling
package which is tailored to the biological scientist. I know of and
have used one or two proprietary packages and even more Database packages
"set-up" to do the job. I have never found one which incorporates all the
desirable features I want. The closest yet was "Reference Manager" but
it is not flexible or programmable to allow one to add categories such
as where reprints are filed and I was not able to import my references
from my existing database. Does anyone know of a package which does
everything "Reference Manager" does but has more flexibility?

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