MacMimic: Molecular Display

Wed Sep 19 09:40:07 EST 1990

I saw this posted in a macintosh net-digest and thought it might
be of interest to the bionet-readers.
-------------------{begin article}---------------------
MacMimic is an interactive application for the display, construction,
and comparison of molecular structures in full 3-D. It runs on the
Apple Macintosh II family [of] computers with a 256 colour monitor
and 2MByte RAM.
A powerful editor is available in MacMimic. The atom type, charge
(radical), and hybridization can be set for any atom. The bond
lengths and the number of ligands will automatically be adjusted.
A set of substituents is available from a palette to make instant
substitutions of any monovalent atom. The new dihedral angles and
bonds are adjusted to make a (locally) low energy conformer.
Any two structures can be joined or fused to create spiro compounds
or complex ring systems.
MacMimic [and, presumably, information about it] can be obtained from:
InStar Software                     tel: (46) 46-182470
IDEON Research Park                 fax: (46) 46-128022
S-223 70 Lund
-----------------------{end article}----------------------
There is a demo version of the software which has cut, paste, and
import/export functions disabled, available by anonymous ftp from
the archives at sumex.stanford.edu (, archived as:
info-mac/demo/macmimic-10b1.hqx (180Kbytes)
I have no connection with the manufacturer, nor have I seen the
software. It just looks potentially interesting. Hope this helps
Josh Hayes, Zoology Dept, Miami University, Oxford OH 45056 USA
jahayes at miamiu.acs.muohio.edu, or jahayes at miamiu.bitnet

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