Computational simulation of DNA melting

Launce Gouw launce at apollo.med.utah.edu
Tue Sep 11 13:37:01 EST 1990

We're trying to get ahold of a program that predicts melting/denaturing 
conditions for DNA molecules of known sequence.  In particular, we'd like the
package of programs described by LS Lerman and K Silverstien in 
Met. Enzymol. 155: 482-501.   We're interested in doing the denaturing gradientgel electrophoresis analysis as described by Myers, Maniatis and Lerman in the article following the one I've just mentioned.  Stuff looks great, but those 
guys never left an address where they could be reached.  Is it freeware?  If 
not, how much is it? Can we get it thru an FTP site? Any info would be much 

	Thanks v. much in advance,

	L. Gouw
	Dept. of Human Genetics
	Univ. of Utah School of Medicine
	Salt Lake City, UT 84132 USA 

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