Plasmid Drawing Programs for the IBM-PC

Robert H. Woodman drbob at hpuxa.ircc.ohio-state.edu
Fri Sep 28 12:29:47 EST 1990

My boss has asked me to find a new program for drawing and printing 
plasmids (at publication-quality print on a Hewlett-Packard DeskJet Plus
or LaserJet II).  He is dissatisfied with the two programs he presently
uses and wants new programs.

His main gripes are (1) that the programs are not easy to use; (2) that
the programs require you to do a bit of guessing about where on a cir-
cular plasmid map to place the restriction sites (he wants a program
which will allow him to make the circular maps and either accurately
place the sites on the map or tells him the correct number of degrees
to go to place the site himself); and (3) the quality of the printed
output is surprisingly poor, despite the fact that he uses either a 
DeskJet Plus or a LaserJet II.  

I desire any and all suggestions for programs.  Naturally, shareware is
most desired, but relatively reasonably-priced commercial software is
also acceptable.  The main thing is to get programs which do not contain
those qualities about which he complains.

Thank you for your help.

Bob Woodman

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