Recombinant DNA software

Tue Oct 16 14:34:00 EST 1990

Can anyone name a good software package that can analyze DNA fragment
information on the level of functional sites and cleavage sites?
The program would only need to:
o    Know locations of cleavage sites on a fragment (entered by user or 
     derived from sequence information)

o    Know location of functional sites (chosen by user)

o    Ligate fragments or sections of fragments to make new fragments,
     which can then be ligated themselves.

o    Provide some searching and display options, and make 
     clear relation between origin and descendant sequences.

For instance, I should be able to tell the program, it knowing at first
nothing about my sequence, "This is a fragment 300 bp long, with
EcoRI restriction sites at 23, 123, and 240 and a BglII site at 180."
Thats roughly it.  I don't need sequence analysis as in GCG type 
programs, just simple ligation.  I just told the program
about a blank line with 4 hatches, and thats all it need know to
keep track of restriction sites.

I have a feeling there are some PC based programs out there that do
just what I'm looking for, but that I'm not now aware of.  Anyone
with even a vauge hint or reference, post here or contact me at 
c2g at vax5.cit.cornell.edu.

			Thank you,
			Barry Isralewitz

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