RI Manager software

Kenneth Manly cammanly at ubvmsd.cc.buffalo.edu
Mon Oct 22 10:51:47 EST 1990

RI Manager software and database is available
from Genbank-Server and EMBL Data Library

RI Manager is a Macintosh program which helps analyze the
results of genetic mapping experiments using recombinant
inbred strains.  It is a specialized database program which
allows easy storage, retrieval, and display of information
from such experiments, but it also has tools for statistical
analysis of the experimental results.

RI Manager is distributed with a database, compiled by Dr.
Rosemary Elliott, of over 1000 strain distribution patterns
from six sets of recombinant inbred mice.  The distribution
also includes a user's manual in the form of a self-
displaying DocMaker document.

The distribution consists of four files: rimgr.readme, 
rimgr.hqx, ridata.hqx, and ridoc.hqx.  The readme file is
small and uncompressed; the others are each 110K to 180K
and must be converted and unstuffed with Stuffit 1.5.1.

To obtain information or a program file from the University
of Houston Genbank-Server, send mail with SEND HELP MAC or
SEND MAC <filename> in the Subject: line to the address
gene-server at bchs.uh.edu or gene-server%bchs.uh.edu at cunyvm.

To obtain information or a program file from the EMBL Data
Libray, send mail with HELP SOFTWARE or GET MAC_SOFTWARE:<filename>
as the message text to the address netserv at embl.bitnet.

Kenneth Manly, PhD

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