Alignment programs take two

Thon de Boer deboer at bio.vu.nl
Thu Oct 25 10:38:57 EST 1990

A little while ago I asked if someone knew of programs that can do multiple
(more than three) alignments of sequences.
Below are some of the responses I got.
Must of the programs run on MSDOS machines, but I am looking for a program
which can run on a Macintosh or on a UNIX machine.
I read something a while ago in this newsgroup about a program that could
align up to 99 sequences which ran under UNIX.
Does anyone know this program and if it is in the public  domain ?

Thanks in advance,
Thon de Boer

I use a program called Multalin on an DOS machine to do multiple sequence
alignments.  The program was written by Florence Corpet (France) and
written up in NAR a couple of years ago.  Let me know if you want more
information on this program.  I also prefer to use a Macintosh, please
let me know what you find out about doing multiple sequence alignment on
the Mac.

Keith Conover
Dept. of Biochemistry
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia  CANADA
ireland at ac.dal.ca

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