looking for gm - molecular biology X software

Don Gilbert Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Tue Oct 30 15:59:44 EST 1990

In article <2591 at ux.acs.umn.edu> mark-d at molbio.cbs.umn.edu (Mark Dalton) 
>         I am trying to find a X windows package in molecular biology
> I think it is called gm, and I think that Chris Fields was the 
> developer.  If anyone knows where I can get this package, or find

gm (gene modeller) is an interesting new molbio program, as described in 
Comp. Appl. Biosciences of June this year.   "It is a fully automated 
system for the analysis of anonymous genomic DNA sequences", according to 
one of the authors, Chris Fields.  It is intended to run on Unix 
workstations, and includes but doesn't require X-Windows interface.  You 
can contact Chris Fields at    cfields at nmsu.edu   and he will tell you how 
to ftp this software.

Don.Gilbert at iubio.bio.indiana.edu    
biology dept., indiana univ.,  bloomington, in 47405, usa  

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