Recombinant DNA Software

Tue Oct 16 13:40:00 EST 1990

Can anyone name a good software package for recombinant DNA analysis?
Here's all it need do:
o   Know where restriction sites are.

o   Refercence functional information about a location.

o   Be able to ligate several fragments (defined as above) together.

o   Produce cleavage, cutter info. on ligated sequences, use these 
    new ligated sequences as sequences from which new fragments can be taken.

Thats roughly it.  I'm not talking GCG, Intelligenetics style sequence analysis,
just knwledge about cleavage and functional locations.  That is,
will the program be satisfied if all I tell it is : "I have a 300 bp long
sequence.  EcoRI cuts at positions 23, 67, and 112.  BglII cuts at 24"
A blank line with 4 nothces in it.  (Or cicle, if circular.)

I have a feeling there are some PC-based programs out there that do just
this, but that I'm not aware of.  Anybody with even a vauge hint or reference,
(or if you're looking for the same thing) please let me know.  I know
little about this area and would appreciate the help. (Note:
typo above.  Have BglII cut at 34.)

				Thank You,
				Barry Isralewitz

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