Extinction Coefficients Revisted...

Keith Elliston elliston at av8tr.UUCP
Thu Oct 18 09:03:47 EST 1990

Hello again...

I recently posted a question on calculating protein extinction coefficients.
I received a couple good replies, but I actually got the best information 
over the phone from Irv Edelman at GCG.  He recommended a paper by Gill
and von Hippel (Anal. Biochem. 182:319-26. 1989) which goes into the both
the calculation on extinction coefficients at 280nm, as well as their 
significance WRT the real experimentally determined values.

I then used their calculation (quite simple in fact) to write a little
snippet of code that I put into the GCG program peptidesort.  Now I have
a little program that calculates extinction coefficients as well as all
the other nice things peptidesort did before.

If any one is interested in my little snippet of code, drop me a line and
i can send it.  According to Irv, Peptidesort will do these calculations
in release 7, so don't feel that you need to modify your version right away

Thanks again for the info...


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