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In article <27387d53 at rml.niaid.pc.niaid.nih.gov>, Kolari_Bhat at rml.niaid.pc.niaid.nih.gov (Kolari Bhat) writes:
> Hi,
> Has any one used the GCG (Genetics Computer Group) program from a PC 
> terminal?  I am unable to import graphic outputs of GCG into PC 
> programs.  I have tested both postscript and HPGL printer drivers 
> to create these output files.  I haven't had much luck in bringing these 
> output files into graphic programs in my PC.  The file conversion 
> (filter) utilities that I tried did not accept the GCG output files.
> If any of you had better luck, please let me know the 
> printer driver and filter combination you used.
It's a little difficult to answer this question without more information:
eg:  what do you want to do with the file?  Just print it?  Add labels
and arrows (edit it)?  What printer do you want to print it to?  An HPGL
or postscript printer, or some other kind?  Bearing this in mind....

If all you want to do is print the file, then if you have a postscript
printer, you should be able to just do "print file.nam" on your PC.  The
same for the HPGL file, if you have an HPGL printer (once you have transferred
the file to your PC).  If you have a dot-matrix printer, you should 
investigate the PRNTGL.UAA utility avilable on the EMBL fileserver in the
DOS_SOFTWARE directory.  The description says: "Prints HPGL files
(like produced by GCG) on matrix or laser printer".

Alternatively, you could load the file as a graphics image into WordPerfect
(5.0 or 5.1).  WP supports import of Encapsulated Postscript images (I know
this works; I've done it) and HPGL imagees.  You can then print the
whole thing out using whatever printer you have, and I'm sure that WP
has a printer driver for your printer.  (There isn't one that they don't
have!).  You'll have problems (of course) if your printer doesn't support
graphics!  This will also allow you to add labels to the picture,
if that's what you want to do ('tho it won't be particularly easy, as WP
is still a character-based app.)

If you want to edit the image (add labels, arrows, or change pieces of it),
then I have no good suggestions.  I know that MicroGrafx Designer (my
favourite drawing program) does not import Postscript or HPGL, tho' it
does export them.

I hope this helps...............

			Adrian Goldman

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