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In article <9011081431.AA09236 at genbank.bio.net>, BKISTERS at biolan.uni-koeln.de (Brigitte Kisters-Woike) writes:
> does anybody have practical experience with Evans & Sutherland's
> new ESV3 (or ESV3+) workstations?
> I have to chose between this machine and a Silicon Graphics
> Personal Iris 4D20TG.
> What to do??????????????

	I think it's a tough call.  If you have existing PS390 software that
you want to run (& don't feel like porting it), the decision is quite clear.
ESV all the way: I'm told that the the ESV's PS390 compatibility mode is
very exact (down to running out of memory on a virtual memory machine!).

	The display technology is STILL better on the ESV, so your pictures
will still look sharper, especially if you're projecting them in large
auditoria.   But still... SGI have a much better softare reputation, and
most of the modern software is being written for them.

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