Viewing RNA secondary structure on Mac

Don Gilbert Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Thu Nov 1 12:26:27 EST 1990

LoopViewer is a Macintosh tool for drawing RNA secondary 
structures in molecular biology.   

LoopViewer accepts data in three forms:

*  CT (connect) file format, as produced by Micheal Zuker's 
MulFOLD programs and others.  This CT format make contain
multiple RNA molecules, in which case all molecules are drawn.

*  A string of sequences followed by a matching string of 
pairing characters.  Each line contains only nucleotides or
only pairings.  

*  The format for Gary Olsen's LOOPSOL program.  This is a
sequence of nucleotides with base pairings interlaced among 
the nucleotides.  
In all cases, the text style of nucleotides, including color, 
size, font and text face will be copied into the secondary 
structure drawing. You may print a loop drawing, save it as a 
standard Macintosh PICTure file for further editing, or copy 
it to the clipboard.

The current versions of LoopViewer and LoopDLoop will
*not* run on Mac SE, Classic, LC or Mac Plus machines.  They 
require Macintoshes with math coprocessors. Color is an option
but not required.

LoopViewer is a subset of a more complete RNA structure
drawing and editing program, LoopDLoop.  As of this writing,
the complete LoopDLoop is still under development.   

LoopViewer may be used and distributed for free as long as 
its copyright notice is retained.

It is available for anonymous ftp:
    ftp iubio.bio.indiana.edu   
    user: anonymous
    cd [archive.molbio.mac]
    get loopviewer.hqx

RNA secondary structures may be generated for input to
LoopViewer with the MulFold program (available in this
same ftp directory as mulfold.hqx).

Don Gilbert
Biocomputing Office, Biology Department
Indiana University,  Bloomington, IN 47405
Email:   Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu  

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