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In article <1990Nov14.092318.1 at csc.fi>, harper at csc.fi writes:
> *********************** CLIP from INFO-GCG ***********************
> Kolari Bhat asked:
> > Has any one used the GCG (Genetics Computer Group) program from a PC
> > I am unable to import graphic outputs of GCG into PC
> > programs.
> I have extensively used DrawPerfect for this purpose, since it directly
> supports the HPGL files created by GCG and allows editing of the objects
> in the figure.
> It is also possible to read HPGL files in WordPerfect 5.x, but then you
> cannot edit the contents of the figure, which makes GCG output ugly since
> somehow a big dotted line is introduced in the graph.
> Regards,
> Erik L. Sonnhammer
> NKI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> E-Mail: erik at vaxh.nki.nl

The trick to getting gcg graphics into the pc is:

1. Redirect output to a file, not the console. Instead of accepting (*term*)
   type the name of a file, f.ex: plot.ps. Remember that if you what to plot
   several graphs you must either restart the driver before running the program
   and type a different file name for every plot, or rename the files which are
   now labeled plot.ps;1, plot.ps;2, plot.ps;3 ... prior to transfering them
   to you pc.

2. Transfer can be done by FTP, Kermit or any other suitable protocol. The
   important thing here is: Postcript files must be transfered in BINARY mode.
   HPGL files may be transfered in both ASCII or BINARY depending on the pc
   program you intend to use. PrintGl will accept files transfered in any mode.
   WordPerfect will accept ASCII tranfers and Windows programs, such as: Corel
   Draw, Designer,Charisma, PageMaker, and Word for Windows, which rely on
   filters to import files, accept all ONLY BINARY transfers. 

    Note: PageMaker has a Tektronics filter which imports tek4014 files 
          transfered in ASCII mode. Personaly I'm very pleased with the

A small note on editing HPGL and/or TEK files:

  From within Windows you may edit HPGL/TEK files by importing the files into
  Charisma, Designer or Corel Draw. 

   1. Import the file.
   2. Copy & Paste or save the file.
   3. Use Break-Apart (Charisma) to separate all items (texts, lines, circles)
   4. Edit the items.

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