Czechoslovakia connected to Bitnet/EARN

Tue Nov 13 17:31:14 EST 1990

Dear reader,
some people from Dept. of Oncloologzy recently asked me about stastistical
pacakage software for cancer survaival rate analyisis, in pariticular
Kaplan~/-Meir. Is anybody in the network who could send this program,
eihther by e/ma-mail to my address or to Dr. Chodounsky, Dept. of
Oncloology, Facultz Hospitalz Hospitalzy Hospital, Srobar
34  PRAHA  10,
ova 50, 100 34 Praha 10, Czechoslovakia.
As I understood from him, program should run on IBM/AT.
You could Sending hithis you will help the country in the sCentral
Europe with the highest incidence of cancer in the world.
Thanks. Milan.

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