Yet another plea for help. This time TWINSPAN.

Rees Griffiths rees at usage.csd.unsw.oz.au
Mon Nov 5 00:50:44 EST 1990

Followup-To: poster
Subject: Yet another plea for information TWINSPAN source
Newsgroups: bionet.population-bio,bionet.software
Keywords: TWINSPAN

     I'd apprecieate it if somebody could point me in the right direction
for TWINSPAN.  We have an ancient Fortran version on our VAX here.
The question is, does a more modern version exist (ours is 1979)?
If so is the program public domain, is there an FTP site, does the
original author M.O. Hill (Cornell University) still support the package.

    Many thanks if you can help.
      Rees Griffiths
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