New Services and Programs from the UH server

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Fri May 11 17:10:52 EST 1990

	   New Files and Services on the UH Genbank-server

* New address
* Genbank-server to be updated to Release 63
* PIR-SEARCH via e-mail
* anonymous FTP of PIR and molbio software
* new files on the server


A number of files and services have been added recently; this note
summarizes those additions.  See the other postings for additional
information, or send the Subject: line "HELP" to the server to get

*ADDRESS CHANGE*****************************************************
Genbank-server addresses:

	Internet:	genbank-server at bchs.uh.edu
 	BITNET/EARN: 	genbank-server%bchs.uh.edu at CUNYVM
	UUCP:		ask a local mail wizard

Note that UUCP and the European branches of BITNET may enforce 100,000
character limits on mail files.  Check the index for the size of the
file you are requesting, and be sure to request them in separate mail
messages to avoid this limit. The old addresses will continue to work
for a while.

*GENBANK-SERVER UPDATED TO V. 63*****************************************
The Genbank-server will be updated to version 63 soon.  At that time
the automatic sending of GenBank(tm) entries will be stopped but the
other server functions will continue.


The address is 

		pir-search at bchs.uh.edu

Relays from other networks (BITNET/EARN, UUCP) may or may not work.
This service is TEMPORARY and will go away (1) if it is used
too much (the computer is needed for other things) and (2) if the
GenBank On-Line Service adds such a service to their machine.

Search Sequence Format:

> chicken
mgaqfsktaa kgeaaaekpg eavaaspska ngqenghvkv ngdaspaaae agagtagctc
mgaqfsktaa kgeaaaekpg eavaaspska ngqenghvkv ngdaspaaae ag

Spaces are ignored.  Line length should not exceed 70 characters.

Results will be returned to you via e-mail in several hours
or a day depending on system load.  It is your responsibility to be
sure that your mailer can handle the search results file size.  The
Genbank-server has been having a lot of problems with mailers that
have unreasonable size limits.  Caveat emptor. A command will be added
to the server "SEND PIR-SEARCH HELP" soon.

*ANONYMOUS FTP**********************************************************

The genbank-server also now makes available the Protein Information
Resource and most of the molecular biological software via anonymous
FTP. The address is lavaca.uh.edu [] and files are in
~ftp/pub/genbank-server.  Login as "anonymous", and send your
real network address as password.   Abuse of this service will cause
it to be removed.

The PIR (rel. 24) is in ~ftp/pub/genbank-server/pir.  Only new.dat and
protein.dat are there; they are stored as compress(1)ed files, so you
will need a Unix machine to uncompress the files.  When I find a VMS
version of compress I will make it available in the Vms software

*NEW FILES, BY AREA*********************************************************
Additions to the Mac archives:
*    53293 Apr 27 10:31 molbiol.txt      molecular biology methods
*   148233 Apr 27 10:32 refstack.hqx     hypercard stack for references
*    82190 Apr 27 10:32 three.hqx        Align three sequences
    236829 Apr 27 12:41 dottyplot.hqx    Fixed dot plotter
      3713 Apr 27 12:41 dottyplot.read   readme for dot plotter
*   134308 May  4 15:51 macplasmap.hqx   Mac Plasmid Mapper
+   414069 May  3 09:44 misc.hqx         Various pgms contrib. by B. Roe
+   403588 Apr 14 20:46 mmstax.hqx       materials-and-methods stax
+   400724 May  5 22:28 molgenjr.hqx     revised molgenjr program
+   172770 Apr 30 16:46 protein1.hqx     protein analysis pgms.

* = courtesy of EMBL File Server
+ = courtesy of Peter Mankwitz

Additions to the Unix archives:

+ 685943 Apr 28 14:27 mase31a[a-i]  Multiple seq. align. editor, with lib
                                    (9 files total) MASE
+*1797515 Apr 28 14:28 plsrcha[a-o]  pattern search, Smith and Smith 1990
                                    PLSEARCH, 14 files total.
+ = files are split into 300k chunks, you must retrieve them all and
    cat(1) them together, in order, after removing the mail headers
* = not available on the FTP server due to space limitations

Additions to the Vms archives:  
 2747 May  9 17:16 asphalt.1  - a unix-like "tar" (tape archive) for
 7755 May  9 17:16 asphalt.c  - VMS.  From Roy Smith at PHRI, NYU
 3426 May  9 17:16 asphalt.man-  also works for DOS

Additions to the Dos archives:
* 44740 Apr 23 16:59 detar.uue     MS/PC DOS version of unix "tar" pgm
* 79196 Apr 23 16:59 digiseq.uue   Digitizer input of sequence data
* 88005 Apr 23 17:00 dnaclone.uue  DNA clone,strain mgmt.
*171923 Apr 23 17:00 ezfit.uue     enzyme kinetics fitting
* 28411 Apr 23 17:00 hydrasc.uue   plot 2 prot.regions w/ sim. hydro, 2nd st
* 47138 Apr 23 17:00 motif.uue     motif searching program
* 56056 Apr 23 17:00 pattern.uue   pattern searching pgm
*117350 Apr 23 17:00 predict.uue   prot. 2nd stru. predictions
*186190 Apr 23 17:00 sdse.uaa      simulation of DNA seq. evol., pt. 1
* 48094 Apr 23 17:01 sdse.uab      simulation of DNA seq. evol., pt. 2
* 62291 Apr 23 17:01 sigseq.uue    pred. of sig. seq. cleavage site
* 56638 Apr 23 17:01 typeseq.uue   seq. input with keyboard
 392816 May 10 22:20 authorin.uue  AUTHORIN, sw to submit seq to GenBank
 201443 May 10 22:30 authori1.uue  AUTHORIN, split up
 191373 May 10 22:38 authori2.uue  AUTHORIN, split up

The University of Houston Genbank-server and the Pir-search service is
not associated with, nor funded by, the NIH or its GenBank(tm, NIH)
contractors, or other Federal agency.  The Genbank-server is made
possible by the University Computing Center, the Institute for
Molecular Biology, the Department of Biochemical and Biophysical
Sciences, and the Vice President for Information Systems at UH.

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