Electronic Mail Searching of PIR Now Available--Free

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Fri May 11 17:14:39 EST 1990

       Electronic Mail Searching of PIR Now Available in the US

The Genbank-server at the University of Houston now offers e-mail
searching of the PIR database.  To use this service, send a sequence
in the format specified below to:

		pir-search at bchs.uh.edu

Relays from other networks (BITNET/EARN, UUCP) may or may not work.
If you try it, let us known the results.

This service is TEMPORARY and will go away (1) if it is used
too much (the computer is needed for other things) and (2) if the
GenBank On-Line Service adds such a service to their machine.

A small help file is available from the genbank-server with the command
"SEND PIR-SEARCH HELP".  The address of the genbank-server is:

		genbank-server at bchs.uh.edu

Search Sequence Format:

       Send the sequence in FASTA/Pearson format, with nothing else in
       the file (NO SIGNATURES!) like this...

> chicken
mgaqfsktaa kgeaaaekpg eavaaspska ngqenghvkv ngdaspaaae agkeevqang
sapaeetgke eaassepase keaaeaeste paspaegeas pkteegatps sssetpkkkk
krfsfkksfk lsgfsfkknk keagegaese ggaaaaaegg keeaaaaape aaggeegkaa
aeeasaaaag sreaakeeag dsqeaksdea apekatgeea paaeeqqqqq qqekaaeeag
aaatseagsg eqeaapaeep aaarqeapse sspegpaepa e

       ...that's it.  Spaces are ignored.  Line length should not
       exceed 70 characters.


Results will be returned to you via e-mail in several hours
or a day depending on system load.  It is your responsibility to be
sure that your mailer can handle the search results file size.  The
Genbank-server has been having a lot of problems with mailers that
have unreasonable size limits.  Caveat emptor.

dan davison and jack chappelear

The University of Houston Genbank-server and the Pir-search service is
not associated with, nor funded by, the NIH or its GenBank(tm)
contractors, or other Federal agency.  The Genbank-server is made
possible by the University Computing Center, the Institute for
Molecular Biology, the Department of Biochemical and Biophysical
Sciences, and the Vice President for Information Systems at UH.

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