New programs available from the EMBL File Server

"Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL FUCHS at embl.bitnet
Fri Mar 23 05:19:00 EST 1990

 Again, a lot of new free software has been made available for redistribution
 by the EMBL File Server in the last few weeks.

 VAX/VMS: GCGDBASE is the latest part of the GCGEMBL package written by Peter
          Rice at EMBL. It includes all the routines for installing the new EMBL
          database divisions and SwissProt into GCG. It also contains software
          to create GbOnly, PIROnly, EmNew and GbNew databases.

          CLUSTAL, the multiple sequence alignment program is now available

          TREEALIGN, another multiple sequence alignment and phylogeny
          program can also be obtained from the EMBL File Server.

 DOS:     DNACLONE, a program for handling information on clones and strains.

 MAC:     MACCLADE, a phylogeny program

          MACPLASMAP, for easy MacDraw-like drawing of plasmid maps.

 Those that are new to the EMBL File Server should send a mail message (*no*
 interactive messages!) to NETSERV at EMBL.BITNET containing the lines
 to obtain introductory help.

 Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D.
 EMBL Data Library
 fuchs at embl.bitnet

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