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>  I am finally convinced that I need to find a program to help me manage 
>  and locate references and help to create literature citations for papers.
>  I would appreciate hearing about your experience with programs such as 
>  Reference Manager and Endnote/Endlink which run on a MacII or SE.  Thanks.

>		   Rollin C. Richmond
>		   Department of Biology
>		   Indiana University
>		   Bloomington, IN  47405
>		   Bitnet: Richmond at IUBACS
>		   Phone: 812-855-6871

Dr. Richmond:

	I have been using REFERENCE MANAGER on an MS-DOS based
microcomputer for some time and think that it is great.  I trust
that the program is similar on a MACII, and think that you will
also like it.  Its particular merit is its interface with
REFERENCE UPDATE, a CURRENT CONTENTS-like service distributed by
Research Information Services (the distributor of REFERENCE
MANAGER).  Using both programs, I find it quite convenient to
maintain my literature database and to keep it up to date.
Currently, my database of scientific references is nearly 5000
entries long.  Finally, REFERENCE MANAGER automates the addition
of reference citations to scientific manuscripts a snap.  It
comes with pre-coded formats for a large number of scientific
journals and is easily edited to accomodate others.  Try it;  I
think that you will like it too.

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