About CLONES program

Dan Davison davison at UHNIX2.UH.EDU
Tue Mar 6 15:05:30 EST 1990

> Who can help me out?

[Arm waving wildly] Me me me!

> A). Recently I downloaded the program CLONES from the EMBL databanks.
> It comes in two halves (CLONES.UAA and CLONES.UAB). [...]
> "begin of part B of CLONES$.UAB"
> Is there a bug in the files, or am I doing something wrong?

Yes. Use any editor to remove the "$" from the "clones$.uaa/uab" files
and re-run uudecode, it will then work. 

CLONES is not yet on the Genbank-server at UH because of this problem.
I've fixed it but not put it up yet.  Several other programs in the
two sw libaries have this brain-damage.  It's an illegal character to
the uuencode/uudecode used by the servers.


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