Bitnet access to Iubio ftp archive

Don Gilbert gilbertd at iubio.bio.indiana.edu
Sat Mar 31 13:39:38 EST 1990

The biology archive at Iubio, which is available via
anonymous ftp, may be accessed thru Bitnet using BITFTP.
Send the message "HELP" to BITFTP at PUCC for the complete 
BitFtp document. Extract from BitFtp help:

        BITFTP -- Princeton BITNET FTP Server

BITFTP provides a mail interface to the FTP portion
of the IBM TCP/IP product ("FAL") running on the
Princeton VM system, to allow BITNET/NetNorth/EARN users
to ftp files from sites on the Internet.

To use BITFTP, send mail containing your ftp commands to
"BITFTP at PUCC".  The first command to BITFTP must be "FTP"
or "HELP".

The recommended syntax for ftp requests is:

FTP hostname
USER username password
<other ftp subcommands>

After the hostname on the FTP command, you may specify
"UUENCODE" or "NETDATA" to tell BITFTP the format in which
you wish to receive files.

(If the username is "anonymous", no password is required;
BITFTP will use your userid and nodeid as the password.)

The following is an example of an ftp request to Iubio archive:

$ Gmail           (use your own bitnet/global mail program here)
gMail> Send
gTo:	BITFTP at PUCC.Bitnet
gSubj:	ftp
			(start of mail message)
FTP iubio.bio.indiana.edu
USER anonymous 
GET archive.doc		
GET archive.lis
CD [archive.molbio.mac]
GET dottyplot.readme
GET dottyplot.hqx
			(end of message)

Archive.Doc is the general help file for the archive.  Archive.Lis
is the directory of files.
		-- Don

Don Gilbert    biocomputing office         gilbertd at iubio.bio.indiana.edu
indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405, usa    

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