Guide to Macintosh netnews reader

Don Gilbert gilbertd at silver.ucs.indiana.edu
Fri Mar 16 15:42:10 EST 1990

A brief guide to installing and reading Internet news from a networked 

Macs that are connected to a network that includes tcp/ip links to the Internet 
can be set up to let you easily read and post network news, including the 
bionet.* newsgroups for research biologists.  The netnews reader stack is 
easy to use, but requires some network knowledge to install.

*  Macintosh with an appletalk or ethernet connection
*  MacTCP software to provide the Mac with the tcp/ip communications link
*  Harry Chesley's netnews reader hypercard stack
*  A local area NNTP netnews server computer

Does your mac have an appletalk or ethernet connection to the internet?
    If you are using NCSA Telnet for logins to mini or mainframe computers 
then you probably have the right connections. 

Do you have a local netnews server computer?
    This is probably a Unix computer which runs netnews software and serves 
out news messages following NNTP protocols.  You need to check with your 
campus computer administrators for the IP address of a local server that you 
can read news from. The NNTP server must support the XHDR command.

How to get and install MacTCP software:
   This is Apple Computer software that provides the underlying tcp/ip 
communication connection.  A new version 1.0.1 is due for release about 
the end of March.  It is currently available in a single-user licence thru 
Apple Prog. and Developers Association (APDA) as part M0230LL/B for $100, 
or as a university (about $1000) or commercial site license.  APDA sells only 
to individuals or groups who have an account, for an annual fee is $20.  

APDA can be reached at 
  APDA,  Apple Computer, Inc.
  20525 Mariani Ave, M/S 33G, Cupertino, CA  95014-6229
  Applelink:  APDA    Internet :  APDA at applelink.apple.com
A site license can be obtained thru
  Apple Computer Software Licensing
  20525 Mariani Ave., M/S 380I, Cupertino, CA  95014-6229

MacTCP is best installed with help of a network administrator.  You need to be 
assigned an IP address for your mac (something like where 123.45 
is your campus network address, 67 is your building subnet address, and 89 is 
your mac's address), and to know some technical details of your network 
configuration (is the address dynamic or static? What is the ip mask?  What 
are your local nameserver addresses?).  If you are using NCSA Telnet, this is 
essentially the same configuration info.

How to get and install the newsreader stack:
    This hypercard stack and complete xcmd source code is available thru 
APDA for $20 as part M0228LL/A.  It is also available thru anonymous ftp to
apple.apple.com, in directory pub/dts/mac/stacks/.   The newsreader stack by 
itself can be obtained by anonymous ftp to iubio.bio.indiana.edu, in diretory
  Once you have the stack, directions for installing and using it are 
contained in the stack.  You need to know the IP address of your local netnews 
server at this point, and have MacTCP installed.

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