Feedback wanted on genbank-updates via news project

Roy Smith roy at alanine.phri.nyu.edu
Thu Mar 29 18:16:58 EST 1990

	As most of you are already aware, daily updates to the genbank
database have been available via the bionet.molbio.genbank.updates (love
those short names!) newsgroup for the past few weeks and initial versions
of software to make use of this material for Unix and VMS systems has been
made available.

	We are now seeking some feedback from the user community about this
experimental project.  If you think it's a good idea to continue it (or
even if you think it's a bad idea), we want to know.  We are especially
interested in getting a count of how many people are running the
distributed software, or making use of the update data some other way.
Even if you may have communicated with us earlier, we would appreciate it
if you could drop a note to me (roy at phri.nyu.edu on the internet, or
phri!roy by uucp).

	If you would like to see this project continue, it is important
that you respond.  At some point in the future a decision will have to be
made as to whether it is worth continuing with the software development and
the flow of the updates in the newsgroup.  The amount of interest expressed
by the user community will have a very strong bearing on that decision.
Roy Smith, Public Health Research Institute
455 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016
roy at alanine.phri.nyu.edu -OR- {att,philabs,cmcl2,rutgers,hombre}!phri!roy
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