USENET GenBank sequence distribution: VMS software available.

smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
Fri Mar 16 15:35:08 EST 1990

USENET sequence distribution. 

In order to use this data feed, software is needed to automatically extract
the news items (sequences) and load them into a database usable by the local
bank search software.  Two groups, one at the Public Health Research
Institute and the other at New York University Medical Center are
collaborating with Genbank to provide software to furnish this service.  We
expect to publish a short account of it in the near future. 

We have finished the preliminary testing of the VMS code to process this
newsfeed, and therefore announce the availability of a distribution for
public use. 

The VMS code is available from our MAILSERVer immediately. In order to get
the distribution send mail to: MAILSERV at NYUMED.BITNET or
MAILSERV at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu with a single line in the body of the message
reading "SEND NIGHTLY.1"  The distribution is VMS_SHAREd. 

We will attempt to keep distributions of the s/w on our machine for general
access which are free of known bugs.  We will agressively fix known problems
with the software as it is run on our own system: we can not guarantee
functionallity on other systems or configurations. 

Our software is distributed for use in the public domain.  It is not to be
distributed as a commercial product.  The authors/developers names appear in
the code, and should not be removed.  Individuals who modify the code are
encouraged to document their changes and to return the software to the source
institution for inclusion in the general distribution for the benefit of all.


We emphasize that neither the authors nor our institution (NYU) warrant or
guarantee this software to be fit for any purpose or perform any function.
The end-user accepts full responsibility for the consequences of running this
software on his computer including the possibility of loss of data and the
corruption of databases.

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