need prg to estimate band sizes on Southern's

danielg at uncmed.med.unc.edu danielg at uncmed.med.unc.edu
Thu Jun 14 13:25:39 EST 1990

Am posting for a friend.  He needs a program that he can run on his pc to
estimate band sizes on Southern blots.  His description was sketchy, bear
with me.

Currently, he uses a prg written in quick basic, in conjunction with a
digitizing pad.  His program works like this.  Put the southern blot on
the pad (visualization done by biotin labelling), and then he touches the
pointer to the origin in lane #1, then on each band in lane #1, which is
MW markers.  He enters the band sizes, and the prg figures a std curve,
basically a plot of fragment size vs. migration distance.  From this, he
can estimate band sizes in the following lanes.

His problem is that he loses accuracy with fragments larger than 7 kb.

Anyone familiar with any programs that he can get?  I know that there are
some nice *expensive* machines that do this, so if any of you have any
info or experience using them, your input is welcome as well.


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