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Dan Davison davison at UHNIX2.UH.EDU
Thu Jun 14 21:50:53 EST 1990

> According to folks at BioTechNET the cost for such a gateway is
> $12,000 initial fee + $1000/month.  At present, the high cost of 
> providing such a gateway, in their minds, is prohibitive.  I, of
> course, argued that an InterNet gateway would increase their
> visibility and use but we'll have to wait and see.
> Bruce A. Roe

This sounds fishy.  A connection onto the Internet thru UUNET is $3000
(two 19.2kbaud modems) and $35/month for mail service, unless prices
have *really* gone up in the past few months.

I suspect the costs the are talking about is becoming a .COM or .ORG
Internet node, which is not necessary for a gateway.  Certainly if
BioTechNet (1) doesn't have an internet gateway and (2) offers
services I can get through CompuServe for $1.50/mo + connect charges I
am not going to be very interested in BioTechNet.


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