DNA Molecular Modeling software

Lee G. Kozar kozar at IAGO.CALTECH.EDU
Fri Jun 29 15:42:41 EST 1990

	There are a couple of them :

	Atlantic Software
	P.O. Box 299
	Wenham, MA 01984

	DNA/RNA Builder 
	" you can create models of DS and SS DNA and RNA up to 1200
	atoms starting with a character string listing of the bases"
	Mac version $199

	This program will generate coordinate output files for further
	use with programs that use cartesian or z-matrix coordinates.

	" you can build-up a structure in 3 dimensions, using z-matrix
	(angles & distances) or cartesian coordinates.  Once you have your   
	structure, you can do "what ifs" by changing atoms, groups, etc"
	Mac Version $249

	Molecular Applications Group
	880 Lathrop Drive
	Stanford, CA 94305

	Once you have the molecular coordinates of a molecule, this program
	will allow you to manipulate the image.

	Runs on Mac
	contact the Molecular Applications Group at

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