B_FOLEY at uvmvax.bitnet B_FOLEY at uvmvax.bitnet
Mon Jun 11 18:33:00 EST 1990

     Could someone give us a critique of BioTechNET, the
relatively new "Global computer network created specially
for research biologists" as advertised in the BioTechniques
     I have not yet subscribed to BioTechNET, because as a
regular user of BITNET I have doubts about the claims in the
ads for this "new network".
     I am happy to see some effort being put into an e-mail
and bulletin board service for biologists, but I am sad to
see yet another "network" being created rather than effort
being put into enhancing the existing networks.

     Is there a link between BioTechNET and BITNET or
INTERNET or any other major network?  Will BioTechNET
provide gateways to other major networks?  Will it be worth
the "low connect time charges" to use this BioTechNET network
as a more friendly user interface to BITNET and the archives
stored on BITNET?  Or will it just add one more layer of
complexity to an already too-complex system?

     If nobody responds to this (do the people who created
this new network read the BITNET/INTERNET lists?) within two
weeks, I will call the BioTechNET people for an interview
and post the results here.

                                Brian Foley
                                B_FOLEY at UVMVAX

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