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Don Gilbert Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Mon Jun 25 15:37:33 EST 1990

In article <1958 at cica.cica.indiana.edu> Don.Gilbert at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu 
(Don Gilbert) writes:
> "Tree Draw Deck" is a macintosh Hypercard deck for drawing phylogenetic 
> trees.  I hacked it together from Christopher Meacham's PlotGram and 
> PloTree phylogenetic tree drawing  programs, from the Phylip 3.2 package

There is a new version of "Tree Draw Deck".  After I released the first 
version 3 days ago, Joseph Felsenstein told me that his newly released 
Phylip version 3.3 contains a much improved pair of drawing programs, his 
DrawTree and DrawGram.  

  After seeing what these improved programs can draw, I plowed on and 
installed them in this stack.  DrawTree and DrawGram are much improved 
over the PlotGram/Tree predecessors, and have several more tree features 
and styles. If you have fetched the first Tree Draw Deck from iubio 
archive, you will want to get the update. This deck contains 
documentation, and will produce MacDraw-compatible picture files. 

It is available as a BinHex, Stuffit encoded file via anonymous FTP from 
the Iubio archive as:
  > ftp iubio.bio.indiana.edu
  ftp> user: anonymous
  ftp> password: guest 
  ftp> cd [archive.molbio.mac]
  ftp> get treedraw.hqx

Those of you without ftp access who want a copy of this deck, please send 
me a e-mail message. The file is 183 Kbytes in size.    
-- Don

Don.Gilbert at iubio.bio.indiana.edu    
biology dept., indiana univ.,  bloomington, in 47405, usa  

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